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EpicHackers is one of a kind, we are the only website of it’s kind which provides hacks, tips and downloads for FREE to the public! You can begin your hacking journey by selecting an option from the menu above, if you think you can hold your excitement in for a couple more minutes then continue to read on! eH first started in 2011 when we created our first ever hack for Counter Strike: Source. Our hack was one of the biggest and best around with it’s 0% ban rate, we then decided to make the hack private in 2012 and continued further development. Now you may be asking why we are providing all these hacks FREE of charge? Well in 2013 we decided that we wasn’t making much profit on selling our private hacks. We now only provide FREE hacks and we survive on advertisements and donations from people like you!

More than just game hacks!

Most people who come to EpicHackers think that we only provide game hacks… Well we don’t, make sure you fully explore our website because and you’ll be surprised! We also have massive steam game giveaway! Don’t forget to check that out HERE.

Please remember that all the services we provide at Epichackers.com are FREE and always will be.  All the hacks that we create are undetected and can not get you banned in any way, If at any point our hacks do become detected the download links will automatically be taken down and the software will be updated straight away. Our developers have had a large number of requests asking to create hacks for the Call Of Duty game series, mainly Call of Duty ghosts. Back in 2013 our dev team took note and started to create a hack for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2, the hack was then created and released a few days later… After the Black Ops 2 hack was released we moved on to creating the Ghosts Hack, This was a tough one as they added more security into this game but don’t worry it was no match for EpicHackers! The Hack was released 12 days later and is still undetected to this point!

Not found the hack you want? Let us know what you would like to see!

When users request a game it we process it on our system and we display the top requested games in the graph. At the end of the month we will create a hack for the top requested game.

Top Requested Games

Counter Strike: GO
Call Of Duty: 4
Team Fortress 2
Dota 2